October 22, 2021
Dominique Crenn et Paul Pairet sont deux chefs français ­épanouis à ­l'étranger. (...) Le second vit à Shanghai, où il a reçu trois macarons en 2017 pour Ultraviolet, un établissement hors norme, artistique et multisensoriel. Il y possède aussi les bistrots Mr and Mrs Bund, Polux et Chop Chop Club. Tous les deux déclinent des cuisines inspirées et incarnées par leurs fortes personnalités, en marge des modes et du sérail hexagonal.
October 22, 2021
MMB has always been a classic place, a unique presence, a gorgeous restaurant on the Bund. Unlike the fleeting restaurants that come and go, it has existed for over a decade, for good reasons. Even though Paul Pairet has his way of pursuing timelessness, he is in fact making new history.
October 22, 2021
MMB是上海经典的存在,承揽许多上海人心中那块华美的回忆,对比外滩时常昙花一现的餐厅,能在外滩屹立不摇十几年总是有他的原因。一直以来Paul Pairet 有他的坚持,即使诉求永恒,但实际上他一直在创造历史。
October 7, 2021
Expect accessible French favourites reinterpreted through the lens of Paul Pairet, the food has undergone a sea change, focusing on seafood and grills. Aquariums line the room, where guests can select some of the finest crustacea in Shanghai. Produce for the grill is equally well-sourced, from heritage beef to excellent poultry. A relaxed venue with pared-back service but always delicious food.
November 12, 2021
Lovely service, great music, a terrific wine list and bags of French joie de vivire make dining here quiet experience.
July 3, 2021
Mr & Mrs Bund A key player in the city’s dining scene for over a decade, Chef Paul Pairet’s brasserie never gets old. Lovely service, great music, a terrific wine list and bags of French joie de vivre make dining here quite an experience.
July 5, 2021
携程美食林2021全球餐厅精选榜发布。Mr & Mrs Bund 入榜金牌餐厅。 Mr & Mrs Bund ranked as Gold Restaurant in Gourmet list 2021
December 12, 2020
Paul Pairet的菜品一向带着浓厚的当代气息,极高的水准与绝不沉闷的创意并存,在Mr & Mrs Bund的菜单里,法餐里的招牌菜式经过重新演绎为食客带来连连惊喜,与摩登的用餐环境相得益彰,虽是高级法餐,却吃的随意舒适。
December 2020
Mr & Mrs Bund A French restaurant that has been loved for more than ten years, has an important renovations recently. Based on the original expression of the restaurant’s personality and characteristics, chef Paul Pairet incorporated inspiration from the old French legendary Restaurants, New York Steak houses and London Grill Restaurants on the basis of the family service style and modern dining environment. (…)
November 17, 2020
The three-week refreshment yielded plenty new, starting with the first menu overhaul since Mr. Paul Pairet opened the restaurant in 2009.
October 2020
Lovely service, great music, a terrific wine list and bags of French joie de vivire make dining here quiet experience.
October 30, 2020
Mr & Mrs Bund 首度大改菜单 (...) 当上海现代高端餐饮业开始逐步成规模,吸引到世界目光的时候,Mr & Mrs Bund 应该算是典型代表吧 。
May 2020
One Diamond: Mr & Mrs Bund by Paul Pairet 由名厨Paul Pairet创立的法餐厅, 却没有用高级法餐来定义自己,餐厅中的氛围十分轻松、友好。150道菜的零点菜单充满个性 (...) 让食客总能找到心仪的味道。
March 2, 2020
OAD unveils list to Top 100+ Asia Restaurants 2020. Mr & Mrs Bund at No. 124
November 28, 2019
October 2019
Best Restaurants in Beijing & Shanghai: Mr & Mrs Bund
October 2019
September 2019
The sharing style dishes, extensive wine and incredible views of Shanghai’s iconic skyline make this restaurant the perfect place to unwind, whether you’re traveling through for the first time or treating guests to an unforgettable dining experience.
September 2019
Plate: The à la carte menu offers a vast choice of French classics, alongside other dishes displaying a subtle Asian twist or global influence.
May 2019
One Diamond: Mr & Mrs Bund by Paul Pairet 在名厨Paul Pairet的创作初衷里,MMB是一家由顾客主导的,家庭分享式的大众流行餐厅。
September 2018
Plate: A great soundtrack, a terrific wine list and bags of French Joie de vivre make dining here quite an experience. The a la carte offers a vast choice of creative dishes which have their roots in France but come with Asian twists and global influences.
(…) 多组合的风味,是主厨想要表达的 Declension 理念,即主题变化 (…) 好像创作音乐室的即兴演绎。
February 2018
Mr & Mrs Bund is a charming juxtaposition of contradictions. (…) Paul Pairet, is internationally renowned for his avant-garde cuisine but here at Mr & Mrs Bund, he pays homage to the finesse of simplicity.
Plate: A vast choice of creative dishes which have their roots in France but come with Asian twist and global influences.
December 2017
The mix-and-match menu has a heavy French bistro influence, re-imagined and served up with Pairet’s ingenious presentation.
September 2017
Shanghai’s culinary “power couple” (…) all of his culinary in-jokes and nudges and winks belie a mastery of his craft and a keen sense of flavor and texture combinations. (…) It’s serious food that, refreshingly, doesn’t take itself too seriously.
March-April 2016
Breaking All The Rules | The breathtaking Bund views, the casual, whimsical setting, the Instagram-worthy food styling and the consistent year-in, year-out raves of food critics are just some of the reasons why you can't avoid a date with Mr & Mrs Bund when in Shanghai. In the end, it's really all about the food.
March 2016
No. 28 in Asia | There’s something for everyone at Paul Pairet's “French-but-not-French” restaurant, which serves traditional bistro dishes with a modern twist in a relaxed setting. Stunning views of Shanghai are an added bonus.
March 2016
Chefs' Choice Award 2016 - Paul Pairet: The pioneering French chef whose Shanghai restaurants prompt admiration and awe in equal measure.
June 2009
French chef Paul Pairet, who previously worked at Jade on 36 Pudong Shangri-la, is a master of avant-garde cuisine.
June 2009
The attraction is actually to the renowned Chef Paul Pairet, who has a silky reputation for dramatic style. he featured innovative food preparation techniques, painting with vivid colors, playing with temperature and any other inspirational and original methods he could dream up to produce such a sophisticated, avant-garde cuisine.
June 11, 2009
Extravagant eats at bearable price. …… Mr and Mrs Bund. Indeed, I’ve been charmed after several visits here—not with provocative cuisine, but with simple flavors, superlative ingredients and professional execution. ……An exquisite feast for about 230rmb each. …A delicious bargain.
August 21, 2009
Silver Spoon – Mr & Mrs Bund, Shanghai On Shanghai’s iconic Bund riverfront, with heritage windows framing views of the Huangpu River and soaring Pudong skyline, Mr & Mrs Bund is Shanghai’s hottest new table.
September 14, 2009
His Lemon & Lemon Tart is legendary.
October 2009
Asia A List | Favourite restaurant by Yue-Sai Kan: Mr & Mrs Bund, Shanghai. The western food is great, with dishes shared in the traditional Chinese way.
August 26, 2009
Mr & Mrs Bund adds to the already-impressive list of restaurants lining the famous stretch. Modern French food is prepared by Chef Paul Pairet, most recently from Jade on 36 at the Pudong Shangri-La. Enough said.
September 4, 2009
Mr & Mrs Bund's Paul Pairet is one of Shanghai’s few truly big name chefs. The celebrated Frenchman first became a sensation at Jade on 36 where he bewitched and bewildered diners with avant-garde dishes as astonishing in taste as they were in artful appearance.
November / December 2009
Steak and French fries, lemon tart, cucumber lollies – it sounds simple. But take note: behind the simple names, Frenchman Paul Pairet hides perfect craftsmanship and a great deal of thought. In his “Mr & Mrs Bund” restaurant he creates great food that is completely detached from the ebb and flow of fashion and which he simplifies down to the very essence of perfection. For six years now I have travelled all over the world and in the process have visited over 70 top international chefs, but only after this visit to Paul Pairet’s “Mr & Mrs Bund” in Shanghai do I truly feel that I’m the keeper of a genuine secret. (…) his intelligence is what impresses you most. And luckily for us, it's an intelligence you can eat!
November 22, 2009
Paul Pairet is making a big comeback after hanging up his apron as chef-de-cuisine at Jade on 36. This time, he's at the helm of a sensual, Art Deco-inspired French dining salon with a grazing menu of up to 250 affordably priced creations. The lure? Part classic, part avant-garde French cuisine is executed with flair and finesse.
December 2009
The Maximum Leader Unforgettable experience and pleasure, which were given by the Frenchman from Montpellier. Paul Pairet: the Mastermind in cooking has redefined fine dining in Shanghai
December 24, 2009
Paul Pairet made his name on Asia’s fine dining scene cooking up unique and avant-garde dishes at the Shanghai Shangri-La’s stunning Jade on 36 The multi-award-winning Mr. Pairet decamped across Shanghai to open his own restaurant, Mr & Mrs Bund, trumpeting a more “democratic” and less stuffy approach to fine dining in Asia.
Mr and Mrs Bund is a show-stopping Shanghai restaurant. Taking a break from the molecular cuisine that made his name at Shangri-La's Jade on 36, French chef Paul Pairet returns to his roots offering modern French bistro fare – some rustic, some glammed-up – with over 200 dishes meant for sharing.
Paul Pairet, ex-food artist of the crackling Jade on 36, has dubbed Mr. and Mrs. Bund, its highly anticipated restaurant, which just opened in the posh areas of Bund 18.
January 19, 2010
If you have time for only one gustatory indulgence in Shanghai, make it Mr & Mrs Bund. On offer is a part progressive, part classical menu made for sharing and this seems to have struck the right chord with the hip and beautiful dining crowd. During my visit on a Saturday evening, the restaurant was filled to the brim.
March 5, 2010
Chef Paul Pairet creates imaginative dishes in a chic environment - at my visit, I was blown away by the prawn steamed in a mason jar with lemongrass dish, and the lemon tart cooked whole inside the lemon for three days, and served inside the lemon rind!
April 2010
This great contemporary brasserie overlooks on the Bund like a UFO. 300 dishes a la carte, Paul Pairet signs, including an almost hallucinatory grilled toast, sprinkled with soy sauce and lemon butter truffle. Not to mention his destructured lemon tart. The mousse, the texture, the taste, everything is there, the staging also dramatized by the electronic wine bar to the best effect. It's a Must.
April 2010
The New China Kitchen | One floor down is the trendy restaurant Mr & Mrs Bund. The smart Frenchman Paul Pairet cooks unorthodox, He uses both tin of sardines - they come as a delicate mousse in their original containers for bread on the table - and a lobster, truffles or oysters. Of the 250 courses of the menu is the beef ribs, served whole and on the bone, particularly popular. It is cooked twelve hours at low temperature, then frozen and cut into shape, glazed finally in the oven with teriyaki sauce.
April 21, 2010
Dining: European Feast | Located in the Bund building (Bund 18), this newly refurbished restaurant with French cuisine: Mr & Mrs Bund inspires not only tourists but also locals.
April 22, 2010
From Michelin-starred chefs to makeshift holes in the wall, you can eat well in Shanghai on any budget. Mr & Mrs Bund ( is one of the trendiest tables. The Bund-side dining room and river views are a treat, but the main draw is the acclaimed French Chef Paul Pairet’s classic French comfort fare and trademark quirky creations.
April 27, 2010
MR & MRS BUND - TABLE FOR THE FUTURE One creative brasserie (above) where the French chef Paul Pairet concocts a tasty molecular cooking and avant-garde (30 €). In June, he will open a new place called ULTRAVIOLET: On one table of ten people, surrounded by a spherical video screen, you will taste the dishes in accordance with sound and projected images. Cosmic!
April 29, 2010
Mr & Mrs Bund | This modern French restaurant was opened last year with much fanfare. Helmed by the famous Paul Pairet, this casual chic restaurant takes up a sprawling space at the grand Bund 18 building. The concept is contemporary, yet relaxed and funky.
May 2010
(......) operated by David Laris whose eponymous restaurant at Three on the Bund was once arguably the best in the city. That was before Paul Pairet opened Mr & Mrs Bund at number 18 on the famous esplanade.
May 28, 2010
A Culinary Surprise on the Bund As its name suggests, Mr & Mrs Bund offers a homey feel, backed by a large, enticing menu. (…) Departing from his avant-garde culinary experiments at Jade on 36 at the Pudong Shangri-La, star chef PaulPairet has developed something different. He refers to it as a "daily restaurant" offering French and global cuisine.
June 2010
Leading Chefs - Shanghai, China Chef Paul Pairet gained a reputation for his highly daring, sophisticated and original cuisine at Pudong Shangri-La’s Jade on 36. In 2009, the culinary wizard opened Mr & Mrs Bund, a French restaurant for everyday dining with a novel Chinese communal-style concept.
June 2010
Celebrated French chef Paul Pairet has worked all over the world from Australia to Indonesia. He arrived in Shanghai in 2005 to open Jade on 36. There, he developed a personal sense of cuisine that played with texture, temperatures, and preconceived notions of what defines good food. He carved out an international reputation for daring, innovative cuisine, fueled with provocative comments such as “truffles are in no way more important than Coca Cola.” Mr and Mrs Bund: Despite its prestigious Bund address, the restaurant bills itself as a friendly, home-style French establishment.
June 2010
Shanghai is absolutely delicious! First stop: Mr. & Mrs. Bund, which offers recipes from the French-Chinese cuisine.
November/December 2010
Meet Mr & Mrs Bund (...) tradition etiquette is overthrown at Mr & Mrs Bund (...) Mr & Mrs Bund, located on the 6th floor is both modern and casual.
December 2010
Mr & Mrs Bund, the best place to impress the special one The decor of Mr & Mrs Bund is fun and elegant, the ambiance is casual and chic. The service is appropriate, efficient and considerate. Most importantly, it features the classic French cuisine redefined by Chef Paul Pairet. The fantastic flavors are served in a modern and refreshing "sharing" concept. Another main attraction is Paul Pairet himself, who makes his restaurant globalized simply with his reputable name. (...)
February/March 2011
At number 18, I whizz up to the sixth floor to find Mr & Mrs Bund, an elegant brasserie under the wing of high-flying French chef Paul Pairet. Dressed in a jaunty designer flat cap, he plays the role of edgy kitchen maverick with aplomb. “Mash-ups: not just for potatoes and DJs any more,” is how he refers to his classic French cuisine with a twist (he once added tinned sardines to a haute cuisine menu).
March 2011
First of all, Mr & Mrs Bund is simple. No unnecessary ingredient. Even located in such a heritage building Bund18, the atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxing and chic. It occupies a fantastic Bund spot, but what it presents is understated elegance and unpretentiousness.
March 28, 2011
First and foremost, Mr & Mrs Bund is simple. No unnecessary bells and whistles here. (…) This time, Pairet has turned his exacting talent to popular food – French at its very core, international around the edges – served family style, in a manner recast for the modern table.
June 20, 2011
Restaurant of the Year 2011 - Mr & Mrs Bund Best French - Mr & Mrs Bund Mr & Mrs Bund has become such a staple on the scene that it’s hard to believe that it’s only been around since 2009. This year it easily took down two challengers run by chefs with bigger international profiles and Michelin stars in their pocket. Paul Pairet’s Bund-side spot is a testament to just how good Shanghai’s dining scene is getting.
July 23, 2011
Mr and Mrs Bund is a top French restaurant run by chef Paul Pairet, who has become a celebrity in Shanghai for turning fine dining into fun dining. Funky tunes are the soundtrack for friendly waiters who deliver classic French dishes. Highlights include tiger prawns steamed in a glass jar with citrus, lemongrass, kaffir lime and vanilla. (…)
September 2011
Run by heralded French Paul Pairet, this outstanding dining experience boasts a titanic French-ish menu with 250 very innovative dishes - lobster steamed in a glass jar, say- and an astounding wine list.
November 3, 2011
Mr & Mrs Bund-Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet: No. 7 in Asia’s Top 20, No. 1 in China Mr & Mrs Bund makes a stunning debut in the Top 10 list this year, in seventh position. The restaurant, opened in April of 2009, is the brainchild of chef-owner Paul Pairet. A celebrity in the Shanghai restaurant scene. (…)
December 5, 2011
Signature Dish - Lemon & Lemon Tart by Paul Pairet. Typical Paul Pairet: What's that on your plate, as simple as the "Stuffed Lemon", is a masterpiece of ingenuity and craftsmanship of the French chef. His restaurant, "Mr. & Mrs. Bund" is located in Shanghai. The "Stuffed Lemon" is a dish to great perfection… "Absolute essentials in a perfect combination" (says Roland Tretti about Paul Pairet)
January 2012
In Shanghai, French chef Paul Pairet is a great success.
January 3, 2012
Paul Pairet @ MMB - The "french touch" gastronomy in Shanghai Mr & Mrs Bund is above all festive and elegant…. The "modern french eatery" designed by Paul Pairet is really a phenomenal success. (…) If the menu collects the fine classicism of French bistro dishes redefined by Paul, it is also a world of a fusion cuisine with accents and inspirations without borders. (…) Craftsman of the "Trendy Sexy" cuisine which pleases the palate, Paul Pairet marks with his talent an innovative approach to the French culinary fundamental, dusting unnecessary burdens to propel it into the era of time and the third millennium. Recording an average of 275 meals per day, Mr & Mrs Bund is the most fashionable restaurant in Shanghai.
January 5, 2012
Shanghai's Best Lemon Tart – No list of Shanghai’s best lemon tarts could ever be complete without Paul Pairet’s iconic “Lemon & Lemon Tart” (…) Not only is Pairet’s creation the most imaginative lemon tart in Shanghai, it’s also the tastiest.
February 2012
The impressive menu created by Paul Pairet, casual atmosphere and mastery in creating simple and popular dishes that we all love - is the essence Mr and Mrs Bund. (…)
March 2012
Mr & Mrs Bund is the simplicity and the essence of French cuisine signed by master Paul Pairet with an impressive menu of over 300 items. The restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere, even though it is in a historic building on the famous Bund promenade.
April 28, 2012
The modern French food takes a similar sophisticated-but-witty approach… (…) Celebrated French chef Paul Pairet is renowned for his clever and humorous approach to cooking as well as his technical perfectionism. (…) The atmosphere is elegant but quirky. The ambience at Mr & Mrs Bund is in keeping with chef Pairet’s stylish-but-witty food philosophy.
June 4, 2012
Mr & Mrs Bund Best French: (…) Celebrity chef Paul Pairet's popular restaurant continues to impress diners with surprisingly fun avant garde fare and service to match. Best Atmosphere: When it comes to wining and dining that special someone, it's hard to beat Mr & Mrs Bund. Best Business Lunch: The Bund is jam-packed with business lunch options, but Mr & Mrs Bund took this prize with nearly three times as many votes as the runners up.
Summer 2012
One of the dining high points includes a stop at Mr & Mrs Bund, a modern French eatery from Chef Paul Pairet. This upscale restaurant is located on The Bund, a glitzy thoroughfare with neo-classical buildings and stunning views of Pudong's skyline across the Hunagpu River.
July 2012
The food here is the masterpiece from Chef Paul Pairet, like culinary art from his high demand and imaginative interpretation, with a hint of this perfectionist’s stubbornness.
September 2012
Best Chef | Paul Pairet: Chef Pairet has long titillated Shanghai with fascinating food; at once recognizable and out of this world crazy. Best French & Best Fine Dining | Mr & Mrs Bund: The place to go for a truly luxury experience, everything about chef Paul Pairet’s Bund restaurant oozes crème de la crème.
September 2012
Perfectly located, this modern restaurant offers traditional French cuisine in a chic bistro atmosphere. The favorite French chef in the city, Paul Pairet, redefined the classics of the French cuisine (…)
October 2012
International wird Paul Pairet höchste Anerkennung gezollt. Im Miele Guide 2011/12, einem Gourmet guide ausschließlich für Asien, hat es sich mit einem siebten Platz als einziges Shanghainese Restaurant in den Top 20 platziert. In der st. Pellegrino Liste der besten Restaurants weltweit gelang ihm der Neueinstieg auf Platz 95.
May 25, 2009
The latest restaurant creation by Chef Paul Pairet, Mr & Mrs Bund is a massive undertaking and perhaps one of the most ingenious, amazing creations to enter the Shanghai dining scene.
May 31, 2009
Like all the restaurants on the Bund, the view from Mr and Mrs Bund is excellent. The deep red and black interior design give a nice romantic feel and the superb quality of the food make this restaurant worth a visit. While it is not a cheap option, in comparison to many of the other fine dinner restaurants within close proximity, it is a bit of a bargain.
January 2010
Shanghai is a city where chefs never sleep, which is good news for the rest of us. For gourmet midnight repasts head to Mr & Mrs Bund for the late night menu casting 200-300 RMB for 1-3 courses plus a glass of wine. You can swan in after hitting the clubs and feast on duck foie gras with hazelnut crumble, a luscious beef bourguignon or scallops with Asiate dressing.
March 15, 2010
Mr and Mrs Bund International chef sensation Paul Pairet has left the heights of the Shangri-La Hotel's Jade on 36 restaurant for his own star turn on Shanghai's most famous street, the Bund.
March 27, 2010
300 dishes abound on the menu of the French chef Paul Pairet. Cap on the head and Yankee shirt on biscottos trucker, he leads one of the best restaurants in Shanghai, Mr. and Mrs. Bund. His canteen chic - dubbed "modern eatery - a full house every night with steaks frites and wine bar, its foie gras crumble and lemon tart PP, a design dessert made of a preserved lemon filled with lemon cream and grapefruit and a stick placed across pastry ...
April 2010
THE BEST OF SHANGHAI Some of the city’s best international dining can be found along the Bund, where meals invariably come with jaw-dropping views of the Huangpu River. The menu, by French chef Paul Pairet, bounces between such whimsical dishes as jumbo tiger prawns steamed in jars with lemongrass and vanilla, and classic Gallic fare like boeuf bourguignon, all brought to your table by trendy, sneaker-shod waiters.
April 2010
Mr & Mrs Bund brings French comfort food to Shanghai This is chef Paul Pairet's house, and "typical" is the last word that applies to this creative culinary master. Lemon Twist - Mr and Mrs Bund offers 46 desserts, but for many returning customers there's only one choice: the Lemon & Lemon Tart PP. Named for Chef Paul Pairet… C'est magnifique!
April 2010
He (Paul Pairet, Mr & Mrs Bund), M on the Bund's Chef Michelle Garnaut and Franck's Chef Franck have set up meal for a standard of authentic French cuisine in the city. Mr & Mrs Bund - waiters wear jeans with sneakers; the French chef Paul Pairet does not follow the rules, and often amazes you with lots of surprises!
April 2010
TOP 20 IN SHANGHAI : THE place to eat in Shanghai? Mr. & Mrs. Bund, the restaurant of French chef Paul Pairet, handsome and with enormous talent. Companied in the room with spectacular views of Pudong, you can enjoy the cuisine with France’ n' China chic, stunning precision: jasmine tea-smoked salmon, foie gras crumble with vinegar crystals, barbecued beef cut through squared.
April 1, 2010
Shanghai’s Best Restaurants 2010 The historic former building of Standard Chartered houses the eponymous Mr & Mrs Bund across from the t owering "Oriental Pearl". Romantic, graceful.
May 2010
GO LIST - 100 BEST NEW FOOD & WINE EXPERIENCE IN THE WORLD 78. Shanghai’s French star: Mr and Mrs Bund serves Château Pétrus by the glass to pair with chef Paul Pairet’s beef bourguignon.
May 2010
The celebrated Paul Pairet has moved in Bund 18 and introduced a huge new menu which, although lacking in his former experimental edginess, delivers big where it counts: Pairet moderns up French classics.
May 2010
It’s quite simply, the most extraordinary dining experience you will have in Shanghai…… chef extraordinaire Paul Pairet’s famous texture-switch dishes…… it’s a curious process – science experiments that produce edible art, as visually pleasing as the taste.
February 5, 2010
What is particularly worth mentioning about the Mr & Mrs Bund is the master chef – Paul Pairet, who is a food egalitarian, with his unique vision, sophisticated and avant-garde skills, he has created two delicious dishes -- "Black Cod in the bag" and "Long short rib teriyaki".
September 1, 2010
Even if the food is served in plastic cups and plates, only the food itself is the most important. Love Paul Pairet’s three Must-Have dishes: Pork Teriyaki, Tomato Salad, and Capsicum Tahine.
February 2010
Everyone is equal before sharing. Although it is French restaurant, you can see the Chinese round table with a turntable. The gastronomic concept that Pairet is conveying here is "sharing." Enjoy the happiness and harmonious interpersonal relationship in sharing.
Early Spring 2010
Favourite Recipes: Mr & Mrs Bund, Beef Short Rib with Bordelaise Cepe. Chef Paul Pairet of Mr. Mrs Bund. A contemporary French eatery that shares the same building with Jean-Georges's Shanghai establishment, does not integrate Chinese ingredients into his dishes, but instead adopts a Chinese dining model into his chic restaurant by offering over 250 items on his menu.
June 3-16, 2010
Knocking twice-winning institution Jean-Georges off the top spot, chef Paul Pairet's hip new restaurant stormed this category. Winning nearly 30 percent of the votes. It's famed for its vast menu of over 250 classic and modern dishes and has over 32 wines by the glass. As user davidwilliams says: Every single dish is cooked to perfection, really impressive" We recommend the truffle meunière bread.
June 17-30, 2010
Paul Pairet's black cod Hong Kong scores big. On the menu at Mr & Mrs Bund you’ll see a number of dishes tagged with a 'pp', chef Paul Pairet's trademark stamp that identifies the dish as his unique creation. We've had the pleasure of trying most of these over the years and few have failed to please, but recently we tasted one that deserves a special mention. The black cod Hong Kong (¥220) was originally devised when Pairet was at Jade on 36, and it's easy to see why it remains on the menu at Mr & Mrs Bund. The fillet comes to the table in the bag it is roasted in. As it is opened, the aroma from the roasting juice comes pouring out, full of fresh flavors including lemon, ginger, cinnamon and sesame. Served on jasmine and coriander rice, the fish is as soft as velvet-a treat for your tongue.
April 2011
Shanghai’s 50 Best Dishes: Mr & Mrs Bund: Picnic chicken. Simple and divine, this poached, then seared chicken breast is paired with two beautiful companions: a glass fish bowl of fluffy, foamy aioli sauce and the most delicate of green, herby salads. (…)
May 2011
Mr & Mrs Bund has been designed by Chef Paul Pairet as a French eatery for everyone, a great meeting place for friends & family. The theme "sharing" is reflected throughout the whole design of the restaurant. (...)
July 8, 2011
Paul indicates the future of dining in Shanghai: casual dining replaces fine dining... Less constraint, more relaxed and casual... Style turns to sureness.
December 2011
Mr & Mrs Bund in Shanghai… modern French restaurant Mr & Mrs Bund, located on Shanghai’s historic waterfront and coming in at No. 7 in the latest Miele Guide, offers diners the chance to taste a variety of wine by the glass. (…) Mr & Mrs Bund can be categorized as a French restaurant, but head chef Paul Pairet has given it a new twist (…) became known for his originality, technique and wizardry. He revelled in manipulating flavours, textures, temperatures and even diner expectations. Clearly, the tables are turned at Mr & Mrs Bund, where diners lead the way.
September 2011
Paul Pairet is a native French, who is born in France, travel around the world. With the global marks, casual but is elegant. Every signature French dish in the Mr & Mrs Bund, which is reinterpreted by Pairet, is a surprise. Like the tuna mousse that served in a can, the black cod cooked in a plastic bag and the jumbo shrimp steamed in a jar, every dish can bring a surprise.
February 15, 2011
(…) Rang the door bell, and was ushered in to what has been described as an “Alice in Wonderland" interior.
The former Standard Chartered Building, the elegant and romantic restaurant, and the spacious dining space are reasonably divided into several different dining areas. Vintage chandeliers are presented with modern materials, red sofa, black table gives diners strong visual impact. Cutlery and spoons are not on your sides, but in a black wooden box with the chopsticks.
September 2011
Many foreigners, including ex-Melburnian Michelle garnaut and celebrated French chef Paul Pairet, have set up elegant Western-style restaurants on The Bund. Here you can eat world-class food produced by international chefs at their respective restaurants, M on The bund and Mr & Mrs Bund.
October 2011
Paul Pairet, the chef at this incredibly sleek restaurant, pairs an almost James Bond level of vsual suavity with the best Westem-style food in Shanghai. Hes constantly experimenting with new dishes, like his Foie Gras Opera, a delightful combination of foie gras, pork, passion fruit and chocolate.
November 7, 2011
If you want a taste of la vieille France in the new Babylon, head through the 18th-century Italianate columns in the classically designed lobby of the fomer Standard Charter Bank of India, Australia and China, and take the elevator to the sixth floor to Mr & Mrs Bund, where French comfort food is served with modem flair by Paul Pairet.
August 2011
French brasserie cuisine never had it so good, creative, or playful. At international chef sensation Paul Pairet's excellent new modern French eatery..- the atmosphere is festive, and the more than 100 dishes on the menu are meant to be shared, family-style (...) the place is surprisingly unpretentious.
July 3, 2011
Paul Pairet’s style is seemingly contradictory: flamboyantly confident showmanship combined with pared-back simplicity. The menu showcases Chinese ingredients, such as truffles the size of your fist, in dishes that are strong on aroma and presentation. Who'd have thought steaming a giant prawn with a fresh vanilla pod would work?
September 2011
THE 2011 FOOD & DRINK AWARDS Best French: Mr & Mrs Bund French classics get a cosmopolitan boost thanks to Paul Pairet's inventive cooking. Serving jumbo prawns in glass jars and tuna mousse in sardine tins, Mr and Mrs Bund encourages you to play with your food in all its inventive glory. While dining on a plastic bag of black cod, diners can gaze over the glittering Pudong skyline in all its majesty.
June 17, 2011
If you only go to one Western restaurant in town, make it the hip, buzzy Mr & Mrs Bund, especially as The Bund isn't flush with great Chinese restaurants. Local celebrity chef Paul Pairet does creative French dishes on a bewilderingly long menu - think beef tartare, foie gras crumble, picnic chicken with garlic aioli, ‘long short beef ribs' and a lemon tart served in a whole lemon. The vibe is loud, almost nightclub-y, and the people-watching is top-notch.
October 2011
LEMON AND LEMON TART at Mr Mrs bund. Paul Pairet's lemon tart invention is at once simple and complex. It appears at the table like a single, shining, undisturbed lemon. However, this lemon has been meticulously taken through the paces in the kitchen - all the innards have been scraped out through a tiny hole and it' s been simmered for six hours. Not once, but three times (yes, that means 18 hours). It's then carefully tucked full of delicacies including lemon sorbet, sable, vanilla chantilly and jewel-like segments of lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange. Fork into it, place the candied peel and a collection of the fillings in your mouth, look skyward or close your eyes and you' ll think, yes it was all worth it.
November 2011
The Bund's best restaurant, serving up legendary favorites like steamed lobster in a citrus jar, lemon and lemon tart, alongside home-style French dishes. It's chic without being overly stuffy and stays open till 4am, five nights a week. Certainly Paul Pairet's eccentric dishes seem to make more sense in the twilight zone. Menu items marked 'pp' were personally crafted by the man himself; don't leave without trying his most famous creation, the lemon and lemon tart.
Autumn 2011
폴 페이레가 단시간에 유명해진 이유는 그의 실험적인 메뉴 개발에 있다. 폴 페이레의 감각적인 미 식 세계와 상하이의 ‘핫’한 분위기를 동시에 경험할 수 있는 공간으로 손색없다.
July 14, 2012
Paul Pairet defines the Mr & Mrs Bund as a customer-oriented restaurant,where he believes that every guest can find the food that they loved here.
April 2012
Paul Pairet's modem French cuisine draws expat culinary adventurers and the city’s elite for whom a place in the lacquered gastro-temple is the ultimate status symbol.
September 2012
In this chic and classy eatery with a stunning view of Pudong on the opposite bank, owner chef Paul Pairet and his playful mod-French cuisine have both attained a certain - make that large-degree of fame in Shanghai. Mr & Mrs Bund is also the only place in China to have a perfectly cooked slab of black cod fllet-cooked en papillote with the chef’s oriental sauce.
Mr & Mrs Bund do things a bit differently from other folk and don’t mind staying up late, serving a late night menu ‘til 4am. Staff are kitted out in jeans and Converse All-Stars and with an Enomatic wine machine where guests can help themselves to up to 32 different wines by the glass, this is global, family-style dining with the coolest couple in town.
October 2012
International wird Paul Pairet höchste Anerkennung gezollt. Im Miele Guide 2011/12, einem Gourmet guide ausschließlich für Asien, hat es sich mit einem siebten Platz als einziges Shanghainese Restaurant in den Top 20 platziert. In der st. Pellegrino Liste der besten Restaurants weltweit gelang ihm der Neueinstieg auf Platz 95.
December 7, 2012
Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants is proud to recognise the winner of the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Johnnie Walker Blue Label – Paul Pairet. Chef Pairet’s pioneering influence on the culinary industry in Asia and his unique approach to the delivery of sophisticated, avant-garde cuisine have led to him being granted this prestigious industry recognition.
May 2012
Mr & Mrs Bund - No. 95 in the World's Best Restaurants
February 22, 2012
Behind the glossy persimmon door of Mr & Mrs Bund awaits an utterly contemporary room, filled with natural light and casually elegant gestures. The cuisine is country French, but with a witty and irreverent twist, demonstrating acclaimed Chef Paul Pairet’s open-minded approach.
Winter 2012
Culinaire hotspot : Mr & Mrs Bund something special !
Mr & Mrs Bund, Shanghai’s signature French restaurant. With its Bund-side views and welcoming terraces, this modern eatery by Chef Paul Pairet is not one to be missed. It serves up global French fare with family-style service in a dining room with an almost Alice in Wonderland-like twist. (…) With 250 classic dishes and 32 wines by the glass, there's something delicious for everyone, though you'd be a fool not to finish your meal with the superb lemon tart.
December 2009
Paul Pairet cooks at Hangar 7 - From France to the big wide world: This unusual guest chef is now in Salzburg's gourmet spot in December. …This top chef is planning a new, exceptional Project, although he is not giving away any further details at present. He will only say this: the project will be based in Shanghai.
December 2009
Finally, Mr Mrs Bund showcases the genius of Chef Paul Pairet, who first became a Shanghai sensation at Jade on 36. This restaurant is a casual modern French eatery serving authentic French classics family style. The foie gras dishes are all exquisite, be it seared, served as a terrine or however else it might be prepared the day you go. The desserts, especially the lemon tart, should not be missed, and the bread basket is one of he best in town.
December 2009
Paul Pairet’s "French but not French" unique style, as well as ostentatious technology has upended the structure of the ingredients and the handling of the temperature, and often unexpected, the dishes that created by him was the people’s topic. The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed and casual, neither traditional French home cooking restaurant, nor the typical high-end restaurant of the bund. This is how Paul Pairet interprets deconstruction and refactoring. At the same time, the restaurant also introduces the family style of meal sharing. There is a metal square area at the edge of each table, which is specially set for table service, encouraging guests to try and share different dishes. It can be said that it is the western restaurant with the most relaxed atmosphere and the highest per capita consumption on the bund.
November 2009
The Bund houses three other must-do destinations on your top-notch tour through the city. The first is the new Mr. and Ms. Bund, a creation of traditional and inspirational French fine fare.
May 2009
Giving the food with soul to guest. No matter it is Chinese food or foreign food, European sauce or southeast Asian sauce, in his eyes, they are all used for cooking ingredients, because food never has national boundaries, so you don't have to pay too much attention to how it is made.
May 2009
Chef Paul Pairet is a Picasso of the kitchen – he takes everything apart and rearranges the pieces in ways that seem unusual, and taste unforgettable. Guests ring a doorbell to enter Mr & Mrs Bund as if it were any ordinary residence, but inside await fantastical furnishings and Paul Pairet's extraordinary culinary permutations.
May 2009
Paul Pairet's new creation - Mr Mrs Bund - held its opening party on 8 April at the restaurant's heritage Bund 18 building. Describing itself as "a modern French eatery in cosmopolitan Shanghai,” the eagerly-anticipated venue serves up French cuisine with a slight twist. With more than 700 classic dishes to choose from, guests can dine in an almost Chinese dish-sharing experience. Whilst the décor is less extravagant than Pairet's previous gem Jade on 36, the chef suggested his food would speak for itself.
May 7, 2009
“MAD GENIUS” TONES DOWN TO HONE KITCHEN ARTS Love it or hate it, Jade on 36 put the city on Asia's culinary map and had critics raving about the intelligent design of Pairet's menus through the years.
June 2009
"The Mr & Mrs Bund menu is not complicated. I just want to give customers more freedom to choose. If you even don't want to make a choice, that just means you're lazy."
June 2009
This time PAIRET is letting the food do the talking with homey. But it isn't just the menu that should draw you here, it's the whole package: classy without being pretentious, sophisticated without being complex and smack dab in the heart of the bund. What more do you need?
June 25, 2009
Keeping with the tradition of family-style cuisine, the waiter brings a metal tray with six cheese rounds (most of them soft cheeses from Normandy) for you to choose from. Half the fun is watching him slice your portions of Comte, Chabichou (goat cheese), double-cream Fromage de Monsieur, Bleu Cheese, Pont L’eveque and Camembert. The cheese plate (¥130) even comes with half-salted Normandy butter, tangy apple jelly and all the piping-hot, fresh-baked grilled bread and baguettes you could want.
July 4, 2009
Cooking perfect fish in a magic bag。 If you're a regular reader, you'll be familiar with international celebrity chef Paul Pairet, who was the former master chef of Jade 36, where he created many inspirational dishes. This time, he creates the Mr& Mrs Bund, which offers family-style French cuisine. Paul Pairet’s rich culinary experience still makes the kitchen is full of magic.
July 2009
A menu is almost the thickness of fashion magazines, a variety of ingredients, different cooking methods, so that diners can free to concoct the dishes. The waiter wore jeans and sneakers, just like Paul’s dishes style, unconstrained and no rules.
July 2009
French chef Paul Pairet has travelled around the world, will bring the romance and elegance of France to the bund 18.
July 2009
It was like a trip to back to home, just moved France into No. 18 on the bund. When I heard the name of such a special restaurant as M& Mrs Bund, I immediately imagined the scene that in European comedies, happy men and women were invited by the host and dressed up to attend the lively family banquet. When I came to the door of the restaurant, there were no waiters waiting. The doorbell is hidden between the red and green doors, told me that this would be a very interesting food tour.
August 2009
A French restaurant that you can use chopsticks. “Peepholes + Chopsticks + order dishes without looking at the menu.”
August 2009
The Bund 18 has a new owner - Mr& Mrs Bund. Please note that this is not a couple, but a new modern French restaurant opened by world-class chef Paul Pairet, located on the sixth floor of the building. PaulPairet was the chef of J Jade on 36 in Pudong Shangrira Hotel, He is known for his high quality original cuisine, but he shows the style for Mr & Mrs Bund is simple and stylish. The menu is rich, with French home-style dishes, accompanied by a list of 32 kinds of wine, customers can choose according to their own mood and preference in the three kinds of cup size. It is a good place to taste authentic French cuisine.
August 2009
Editor’s Pick around Asia - Mr & Mrs Bund Restaurant Mr and Mrs Bund aren’t a married couple. In fact, it’s the name of Paul Pairet’s newly opened modern French eatery, which is housed in the heritage building Bund 18. Pairet, formerly head chef of Jade on 36 at Pudong Shangri-La, has an international reputation for his highly original cuisine, but he’s channeling simplicity and popularity here.
August 5, 2009
The Mr & Mrs Bund on the 6th floor of no. 18 Bund has an outdoor observation deck on the north and south sides, which can see the most representative scenery of the whole Shanghai. In front of you is the view of the bund. On the opposite side is the modern scene of Lujiazui. On the left and right are the north and south bund, and the Huangpu River spans the whole view.
April 6, 2009
The other much anticipated opening is Mr & Mrs Bund by Paul Pairet, formally the master chef of Jade 36. With this new venture Paul plans to open 'his' restaurant to serve modern French cuisine. Those of us who were big fans before can't wait to see how he is making it even better.
April 24, 2009
Paul Pairet, a rising star of French cuisine in Shanghai, crosses the Huangpu River in the other direction to open the No 18 on the bund. The Bund 18 has offered a rising star of French cuisine. Since his arrival in Shanghai in 2005, Paul Pairet has received a reputation that exceeds the borders of Shanghai.
September 2009
Paul Pairet is one of the world's most popular chefs in China in recent years. As one of the few avant-garde chefs, he has won several awards and recognition for his unique molecular cuisine since he has worked at Jade on 36. At this spring, Paul had begun to manage the Mr & Mrs Bund. The uninhibited personality is still unchanged, still diligently trying to all the ingredients in the world, and constantly bringing surprises to new and old diners.
September 2009
What do you think of when you talk about French restaurant? A 19th century house, baroque deco and crystal chandeliers? Red wine, foie gras, snails and cheese? Or the elegant diners who dress up, speak softly, and savor small portions of food? Paul pairet, the chef of M& Mrs Bund and a former chef of Jade 36, will probably tell you, eating French cuisine can also be casual. Just as canned sardines and Coca-Cola can be used as ingredients in haute cuisine, the experience of eating French cuisine can also be postmodern.
November 2009
At Mr& Mrs Bund, Pairet offered a simple and popular, international cuisine to diners, especially good for sharing. It promotes family sharing and redefines modern dining style; a more autonomous wine selection service includes 32 kinds of wine that can be ordered by individual glass in different sizes; and the business hour is surprisingly late, foods are served until 4 a.m.
November 2008
De l'aute côté du Huangpu, le chef françsis Paul Pairet a choisi le 36e étage de l'hôtel Shangri-La pour initier les Shanghaiens à une cuisine d'avant-garde que personne, jusque-là, n'avait encore osé dans cette ville.
For high-brow dining that is sure to raise a few eyebrows, don' t miss Jade on 36(+86 21 6882 8888). Shangri-La's signature restaurant features birds-eye views of the Bund and a swank design by Adam D Tihany (think giant snuff bottles and fuchsia- inlaid " jade box bar) - but it's the French chemist-cum-chef Paul Pairet's molecular mastery that steals the show. Twelve tasting menus arouse the palate with courses like seared foie gras served with a lime-ginger meringue, and a lemon tart which involves a fresh lemon meticulously taken apart and recreated over a four-day process so that the entire fruit is edible.