March 2016
No. 28 in Asia | There’s something for everyone at Paul Pairet's “French-but-not-French” restaurant, which serves traditional bistro dishes with a modern twist in a relaxed setting. Stunning views of Shanghai are an added bonus.
March 2016
Chefs' Choice Award 2016 - Paul Pairet: The pioneering French chef whose Shanghai restaurants prompt admiration and awe in equal measure.
A great soundtrack, a terrific wine list and bags of French Joie de vivre make dining here quite an experience. The a la carte offers a vast choice of creative dishes which have their roots in France but come with Asian twists and global influences.
(…) 多组合的风味,是主厨想要表达的 Declension 理念,即主题变化 (…) 好像创作音乐室的即兴演绎。
February 2018
Mr & Mrs Bund is a charming juxtaposition of contradictions. (…) Paul Pairet, is internationally renowned for his avant-garde cuisine but here at Mr & Mrs Bund, he pays homage to the finesse of simplicity.
March-April 2016
Breaking All The Rules | The breathtaking Bund views, the casual, whimsical setting, the Instagram-worthy food styling and the consistent year-in, year-out raves of food critics are just some of the reasons why you can't avoid a date with Mr & Mrs Bund when in Shanghai. In the end, it's really all about the food.
Plate: The à la carte menu offers a vast choice of French classics, alongside other dishes displaying a subtle Asian twist or global influence.
A vast choice of creative dishes which have their roots in France but come with Asian twist and global influences.
September 2017
Shanghai’s culinary “power couple” (…) all of his culinary in-jokes and nudges and winks belie a mastery of his craft and a keen sense of flavor and texture combinations. (…) It’s serious food that, refreshingly, doesn’t take itself too seriously.
December 2017
The mix-and-match menu has a heavy French bistro influence, re-imagined and served up with Pairet’s ingenious presentation.